Rental Equipment for Orem, Provo, Utah Valley Residents

For the DIY Home Owners and Businesses, Rent Our Restoration Equipment

We have restoration rental equipment for residents of Utah County. Call us to find out availability of equipment. Below is a list of all the tools and machines that you can rent from us if you live in Orem, Provo or surrounding areas.

Restoration Rental Equipment – Utah County

  • Air mover rental
  • Carpet fan rental
  • Turtle fan rental
  • Turbo dryer rental
  • Lay flat ducting rental
  • Axial fan rental
  • Dehumidifier rental
  • Negative air machines rental
  • Air scrubber rental
  • Containment enclosures
  • Wet/Dry vacuum rental
  • Heaters rental
  • HEPA vacuum rental
  • Ozone machine rental
  • HEPA filter rental
  • Heat drying rental
  • Dri-Eaz rental
  • E-Tes rental
  • Water claw rental
  • Thermo fog rental
  • Power box rental